Peter tekst

Peter Puype
Works and lives in Gent – Gand

Puype used to play music in several Punk bands. He quit the music scene on the moment his last band ‘Square One’ was signed to EMI records, 2002. The band changed the name and became a lame MTV product. He wouldn’t sell his soul to the music bizz and the plastic world behind it.

From then on he took visual arts as his main creativity. During that music period he made a lot of pictures and collected drawings in sketchbooks. That work is the very basic of his oeuvre now a day.

The work is an investigation on the behaviour of people in groups or as individuals. Puype examines the human in his environment: what dominates, what takes control on that body (sociological, psychological, political, …). You still can feel the same intensity of the hardcore-punk-activist in his work (Puype used to play in punkbands). He seeks the difference between western commercials and propaganda. There is no difference between the pressure of the commercial advertisements and the propaganda made by a state.

For that he worked in different places in the formal Sovjet Union. The development of the social, economical situation is in that area very much a hot topic. Puype looks how the people adept those new possibilities and how the authorities install their new ideas.

In 2005 Karosta – Latvia :
‘In Function Of A New Brain’.
Karosta is a formal Sovjet War-harbour in Latvia. The population of the harbour has no identity and no real passport. ‘In Function Of A New Brain’ is based on the fast change from Communism to Capitalism. The work is a group of drawings made on paper he found in the harbour. Every drawing is the cover of a magazine. You only see the cover and you have to think for yourself what’s inside the magazine. This refers to the basic ideas of commercial posters. The drawings are reflections on the way of thinking and how it can be controlled.

In 2006 Tallinn – Estonia:
‘Give A New Structure to the Old’
This work are propaganda posters with some new ideas. Propaganda that can be used for the new state. An imaginary state of the artist himself. In this work he thinks about the position of the artist himself as a creator of the work, the ideas. To say: his own propaganda.

‘Your Country Ain’t Your Blood’.
In this Installation - hospital jars filled with pigblood - makes Puype the quest about the place of origin of the people. How the state gives them the fake idea of nationality and if that really exists in the first place. The Baltic countries have always been occupied by other nations and now he sees a lot of Russians (who live there due to the Sovjet Union) getting lost. The Russian population used to be the top of society in the Communist era.

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